• Love Me Like You
  • Love Woke Me Up
  • Feel So Good
  • Pieces of Peace


CELEBRATION OF AFRICAN AUSTRALIANS NSW COMMUNITY AWARDS We are so excited to announce that DOUG WILLIAMS has been nominated to receive an award at the Celebration of African Australians NSW Community Awards for his Contribution to the Entertainment Industry!




Doug Williams makes the show special and unique with his charm, wit, humour, and above all, a voice that curls your toes and leaves you wanting more. Surrounded by a group of young and talented stars in their own right, THE MIX deliver sounds that are tight, with funky arrangements and smooth harmonies. The best live musical show you will see in a very long time!

Featuring the talents of Sera Rose on vocals, Sunil De Silva on percussion, Eric Rassmussen on guitar, lead and backing vocals, John Adams on drums, and Sam McNally on keyboard. 

A show not to be missed, complete with great music, dance and style as only Doug and his new team can present. They perform originals from Doug and the band, plus arrangements from some of R&B’s most loved songs.

Do yourself a favour, don’t miss this show!